~ What should I do after being involved in a accident?

Exchange information, take pictures, and call your local authority to file a report.

~ Where should I take my vehicle for repairs?

You have the right to choose your repair facility. We can have your vehicle towed to our shop just call 818-653-5371 24hr/7 days.


~How long do repairs generally take?

Repairs take anywhere from 2-14 days depending on the extent of the damages.

~What is the process of a claim?

You first make a claim to your insurance agency. After you file a claim they will give you an adjuster name, phone number, and claim number. Give the insurance company the name of the body shop you prefer to take and their address. Call the body shop of your choice and provide them with this information obtained from the insurance company. Drop your car at the body shop and get in a rental. Insurance follows through with the body shop for the repair process of your claim.